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A KDE printer ink level utility monitor released under the GPL license.

The idea came to me when I realized than under Linux I've had no chance to check my DeskJet 920C's cartdrige ink level, while in Windows the tools furnished by HP could do so... Then I surfed the web looking for something that could help me with my problem... The solution was already there, from Markus Heinz, but his tool was based on a text interface, that didn't integrate well in my colorful KDE desktop... So I decided to develop a little KDE frontend for the Heinz's library. KInk was born that way...

This work represent one of my first experiences in Linux programming: any suggestions and/or critics will be very appreciated; feel free to mail them to me at



Here are some screenshots of KInk version 0.2.1 taken from my desktop:

Screenshot #1   Screenshot #2   Screenshot #3   Screenshot #4  


System requirements

I've developed and tested this application with the libraries listed above; maybe it can work even with other versions of them, but I've no time to spend for testing all possibilities. Let me know if you test KInk in different environments...

This software is released as is under the GPL license; I decline any responsibility from whatever may occour to your hardware/software using this application.



Special thanks to Johnathan Burchill (jkerrb) for his contribution to this work




version 0.2.1 (December, 14th 2003)

kink-0.2.1.tar.bz2 (this link will redirect you to the project page on




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